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I’m visual artist and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil

I’m interested in working with woodcut print and hand made wood structures,  similar to those in construction field.
My major production is with woodcut, where a try to find some creative ways to sculpt and print an image with whatever is at hand, while I trying to express myself and think with some drawings.

Since 2011 I’ve been working with editorial and advertising illustration, you can see
more here ____LINK


In 2015  I begin working as an apprentice and assistant in Stephan Doitschnoff studio, work there for a couple of years, experience which have changed my life. Then I work with Paulo Nimer Pjota as a painter’s assistant, which have a deep influence in the way a see painting and art. 

Through the years I’ve had studied with some marvelous teachers that I will be forever grateful: Anderson Nascimento, Gil Tokio, Rodrigo Yokota, Amilcar Pinna, Lourenço Mutarreli, Michiko Okano, Tiago Mesquita and Pedro França.


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